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Tech Investor Showcase - Bristol


The Best of the Wild, Wild West

On the 23rd May 2019 WHY Communications, in partnership with NOTWICS and Engine Shed, is organising an investor day for Bristol start-ups and scale-ups showcasing the best of tech from the south west. The event, which is hosted by Engine Shed, will give companies from Bristol and the surrounding area an audience with some of the most prestigious investors from both London and the local ecosytem.


You are invited to apply for a slot to pitch for funding for your business or, if you are not seeking funding immediately, to promote your business more generally through a panel session or lightning talk. Pitches start at 10am and finish by 4pm and will last between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on the track.


Investors are invited to join us for a fun packed day of curated businesses, drawn from Bristol and the surrounds, which show promising growth potential. Lunch will be provided and you will be invited to join for networking drinks after the event. Any questions please email heather@whycommunications.com or register on the form below. Don’t delay, seats are limited and we expect to be full!


If you would like to sponsor the event or attend to network, please register below, or email heather@whycommunications.com. Not sure if this is for you? Just ask!, - DEA


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The NOTWICS consultancy was established in February 2017 & has advised a number of leading, fast growing start-ups on their Investor Relations activities. All these founders have either met or beaten their objectives in terms of funding & cumulatively, Notwics has helped grow some of the best young Technology companies in the UK.

The second area of the consultancy, Campaign based initiatives have also grown, reflecting the business philosophy of focusing exactly what a founder needs, at that time. The ever-growing NOTWICS network is then applied to help these selected Founders achieve their short, medium & long term goals & objectives, via a network effect.

The Team has also grown, with the addition of Cameron, who joined us from a successful family office in Cambridge & continues to grow in reach & capabilities.

In terms of Bristol, Chris has worked closely with both Boxarr & Zeetta Networks in 2018, advising them both & in the past has helped Openbionics, Reach Robotics & Ultrahaptics. This is the third year that Chris has hosted the NOTWICS Bristol Technology Day.


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Founded in 2019, WHY Communications helps tech companies tell the world who they are, what they do and, most importantly, why anyone should give a damn about them.