WHY Communications
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Powerfully effective communications

So what do we actually do?

What do we do? It depends what you need. First, we get to understand what your business wants to acheive. We offer a bespoke service so that you get deliverables that actually help the buiness, not just achieve nice KPIs. We believe you should get communications right from the offset, not throw tactics at an incomplete strategy (see below) that does not clearly link to business objectives.

If you contact us today, we can work with you to get a complete communications plan within a few short weeks. Need something by your next board meeting? We can help you build a strategy that makes sense.

Getting to know you

We’re going to need to start with a lot of questions. Questions like:

Why do you need to communicate? Do you need more customers, investors, advocates?

Who do you want to reach and what do you want them to feel, think and do?

What does success look like to you?

What messaging do you have right now?

These are the kind of questions we will ask to understand where you need some help.

objectives, strategies and tactics

We break down what you want to achieve for your business (objectives); who you want to communicate with to get there and what you want to say (strategies); and how you will go about reaching and communicating with them (tactics).

Tactics are line items: an individual press release; a tweet; a speaking slot at an event. They should each link to a specific strategy. You will likely have lots of strategies and a few key objectives.

When, with our help, you draw out the range of options available, it becomes a lot easier to pick and choose the most effective tactics for you. In short, we make a clear, meaningful, plan.

Delivery and accountability

Here we agree priorities on the plan and help to deliver them.

This may be through delivering tactics ourselves, working with your in-house teams, or bringing together a network of respected professionals externally.

It depends on the tactics, your preferences and your budget.

One thing is for sure - we will agree a scheme of work, be accountable in delivering it, and transparent in why we are allocating resources to each tactic.